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Together at the Table

PlateVibes is a private chef company, on land or by sea, who will bring unique ingredients together to create a plate of food deep in flavors for your family and friends to enjoy during a private dinner, event or cooking class in your home or on your yacht.  

Great taste is the name of the game and I am committed to stepping up to the "plate". My goal is to provide delicious, natural options. That's why I prepare all of my meals with fresh, locally sourced ingredients.

My approach is totally customizable options that are 100% focused on your personal needs, likes and dislikes and dietary restrictions to create a custom experience to fit your lifestyle and preferences.

Save time and eat healthy. PlateVibes will plan, shop, cook and clean up while producing incredible tasty dishes for you and your family. Every Dish will be made from fresh and healthy ingredients to create tasty and healthy meals.

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 My Services 

Meal Prep & Private Dinner Experiences

Let me help you with a tailored meal plan that is right for you and your family. Get in touch with Liz to start planning the perfect meal for a private dinner experience, holiday party, graduation, special dinner and more.  

Freelance Yacht Chef

Chef position onboard a 35M+ motor yacht, or a Sous Chef position on a 65M+ motor yacht, where I utilize my extensive background in high end catering and Private Chef work, to add value and support to a great program, crew and owner.

Master Cooking

Whether primarily for education or for a celebration, my Master Cooking Classes are sure to be full of fun, wonderful insight, as well as delicious and nutritious fare. Classes can be interactive or demo style, whichever the host prefers. 

 Specialty Menu