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 About Chef Liz  

Stylish Meets Delicious

Inspired by my Croatian Grandmother, her passion for cooking and creating special meals for our family, I found myself having that same passion for good, nutritional, healthy and creative flavor profile dishes, starting in the kitchen at an early age. With parents who farmed I learned to appreciate the hard work that goes into making food. I see the craft that a chef play's as an extension of the art that farmers create. Once you have the best food in the world, as a chef you help it speak to for itself.

I grew up in Michigan and lived in Ft. Lauderdale where I started in the hospitality industry specializing in corporate events. My drive to develop my talents and abilities in the kitchen and galley continues every single day.  After years of entertaining friends and family, I decided it was time to take my passion for cooking to the next level.


In February 2019, my journey with food and cooking landed me as a finalist on the Fox TV Show MasterChef Season 10. Having been a part of this experience was life-changing, to say the least but also drove home exactly what it is I am supposed to be doing—cooking and sharing my food creations. At 54, I have incorporated my 35 years in the Event Space and cooking to create PlateVibes.

I recently completed sea-worthy certifications to include the Ships Cook 2020, STCW 95, ENG1, Proficiency in Designated Security at Sea, First Aid and Basic Firefighting. I am available worldwide for freelance chef or sous chef positions on private & charter yachts and private estates. It is easy to connect with me by using the "Get in Touch" or Get News and Updates box.


​I specialize in seasonal, vibrant food with exciting flavors. My style is simply tasty cuisine while pairing flavors that complement each other to make a VIBRANT tasty plate. Throughout my career, I have seen the world, so I am excited to always share those flavors and experiences with my friends and family. I crave the chance to provide personalized meals and help others understand the simplicity of cooking through my Master Cooking Classes to bring families back to the dinner table. My drive to develop my talents and abilities in the kitchen continue every single day. 


​When I am not cooking, I am usually studying cookbooks, rafting down the Rogue River, playing in Mountain snow or enjoying the beach.


Master Chef
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