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Events & Private Dinner Experiences 

Enjoy more time with your guests and create lasting memories with a personal chef at your next event or in-home dinner party.

Customized Private Dinner Experience

Enjoy a PlateVibes Dinner Experience with locally-sourced ingredients, quality food in the comfort of your home as a Master Chef creates a fabulous course meal right before your eyes. Impress your guests with a very special dining experience as you sit back and relax and the Master Chef prepares a delicious menu of your choice while teaching you expert techniques and flavor combining along the way.

After learning exactly what you want in an event or in-home private dinner, we will customize a menu that is created and executed for your dinner.  Be ready to jump in the kitchen to learn and have fun too!  If you are feeling a little adventurous—tell us! and our Master Chef will get creative and share something that involves unique ingredients—to create the perfect plate. In the end, it should be about stress-free entertaining while having the very best dinner party experience ever!

Events & Private Dinner Themes

  • Dinner for Two

  • Chefs Table – Mystery Box 

  •  A Night in Thailand

  • Tuscan Farmhouse Dinner

  • A Trip to Mexico

  • Flavors that Pair with Beer/Wine

  • Boys Night Out

  • Pizza & Pasta

  • Taste of the Caribbean

  • Fall Favorites

  • Girls Night Out

  • It’s About the Cookoff – Team Building 

  • Create Your Own Dinner Menu

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