Freelance Yacht Chef

Experience Creative Menus Tailored to Guest and Crew Preferences

Underway Experiences

Liz is available worldwide for freelance Chef positions on motoryachts between 90ft-120ft, or a Seasonal or a seasonal or permanent Sous Chef positions on a 185ft+ motoryacht. I am passionate about cooking and enjoy working with the freshest ingredients to prepare simple straight-forward dishes that showcase the ingredients. I am well versed in a variety of cooking styles and cuisines. 

When called for I can create menus and/or adaptations of dishes to meet special diet needs and preferences of guests. My experience in very high end and high profile catering has given me the ability to be very flexible and adaptive to changing situations. My catering background has provided for very broad foundational skill sets of a variety of cuisines, desserts and pastries, and techniques to meet nearly every request or preference.

Liz takes a detailed and planned approach to provisioning all food items, guest and crew meals with nutrition top of mind, food safety and storage standards, adhering to a budget, galley and food inventory while focused on galley safety and sanitary standards.
Liz is based in Ft. Lauderdale, FL and Ashland, OR where she owns and operates PlateVibes. On her down time, she enjoys spending time sharing new recipes and playing in the outdoors with family and friends.

Chef Liz holds certifications from the following entities:

STCW 95  •  ENG 1  •  Ships Cook 2020  •  First Aid  •  Basic Firefighting